Beginning to write as a professional​

Somewhere between 7 years journey from 2009 and 2016, I learnt to write and publish. During the beginning of this decade in writing, I understood that I can also write for some other people who have ideas but no time or who have time but no clue on how to write theor ideas on a piece of paper.

I was very thrilled at this fact that I can have my own clientele. I started to look up to writing as a mental and a physical exercise. It became a meditation for me.

Sometimes it helps me focus on one sentence, in fact, one single word! I was glad that my fingers typed whatever my mind could think of.

I became the branding voice for my clients. Of late, I realized I was gradually moving into an unknown territory of proofreading and editing. I also experienced short stints with Ghostwriting.


Later on, unapologetically, I started to edit chic-fiction purely for fun as a teenager! But a few weeks later, I realized how dumb I was being carried away by these spells of ghostwriting assignments for infamous novellas since I was losing out on my precious time, energy and efforts in writing something mundane and repetitive. I wanted something that thrills me at the thought of it.

Rather, I found joy in creating my own content or explaining other’s business much better. I wanted to finish a writing in shot, in a span of one day. I just wanted to mail it off to the client in a span of 48 hours. That’s it!

I was able to love non-fiction very easily since I always loved writing that is descriptive, informative and contains thoughts to be provoked, new brainstormed ideas. It should be like a collection of experiential piece of narrative.

Like a movie!?

In fact, I gradually gained this understanding that I can create better write-ups without the monotony of writing regular stuff even if it was for sales and marketing purpose. I loved creating something write-ups so much integrated with the product, service, deign and customer’s reviews. My clients loved the questions I bugged them with before writing about them. I guess that’s where I was crowd apart. I won it. My idea was never about earning some more bucks. But was to choose between two assignments. I came to this realization that I always chose the ones that stimulated me more and not what paid me better. Payment were a perk to ny gamut of experiences I gained so far.

Most of these content writing freelancing projects gave me some extra-terrestrial experiences too as I never felt so differently grounded as I did then while writing for other genres. I started to believe in such writing than scrap dialogues with tragic or happy or unreal story endings. My writings gained conviction by then. Because I wrote something I was sure of. I was sure what to talk about, where to start from and how to end a good set of nonfiction writing pieces to publish, especially online.

I tried a few hands-on variety of writing assignments by creating content for the websites, publishing blogs for multiple fields like IT, Retail, Real estates, mega stores, fashion, and media. I typed many social media posts, wrote for a couple of blurbs, balanced reviews for books, exhaustive annual reports, and pitching proposals.

When I had that ‘pretty’ experience in writing flawlessly, I jumped to copy-editing and proof-reading. Recently, I completed an assignment in documentation and publishing at the consulting department at one of the famous design schools in India. My role was more than just developing few missing pieces in the content, it was also copywriting, copy-editing and proof-reading. Nevertheless, any writing assignment, especially for the online, is never devoid of these roles. The assignment was more of reading carefully. It was about mulling over the alternative way of putting the written sentence (say the same thing in an appropriate manner). It was more of diction, finding to write the right words (read it again, it’s Fun!) and fitting them in the right place. That’s all a good writer’s basic learning is all about, isn’t it?

I had to coordinate with the idea of origins (with the designers) and cull out the best of descriptions, and discovering the different ways to present their original ideas in a manner one would love to read. I needed some gripping informal scripts that would sound like a formal report. I also had to refer to books from their library published by well-known authors.

It is quite important to read to find faults in your own writing, first. To improve your own writing, you must read other bloggers every day. After some months of regular reading, you will notice a change in your writing. If you keep reading good English newspapers, blogs, articles, books and even other people’s media postings, that’s enough. This transformation is very subtle and with every new blog, you will gradually improve.

Mark my words!

You will slowly realize what it is to set standards for writing and you can really raise the bars. (NB: I will be rewriting this blog as and when I get time to modify it further)


A peep into my Blog Writing Workshop

A peep into my Blog Writing Workshop

I identify myself with this ‘faceless‘ picture of the girl who carries nothing but her writing everywhere she goes. The typewriter is like the symbol for the ‘home for writers she carries. She has the capacity to focus on work despite the chaotic sea behind her.

I take pride in being like her, in fact, exactly like her. Some may like the idea of typing on a serene backwater or a lakeside. Believe me, thoughts don’t come to you in the midst of nature. What I mean here is you get lost in the beauty or you get lost in your work. Both cannot happen. These imageries are a myth. Sit with a chair and a table, dressed up; up straight and look serious for your own body is watching you even if you have nobody around.


I do. I wear my jeans and shirts or kurta, well ironed and scented for work at home too. One of my recent work in the blogosphere has been to introduce the art of blog writing to as many as I can. I am here to make sure that I reach as many people as possible as I can to tell them how beautiful a feeling it is to be a fortnightly blogger!

One such Workshop that I conducted recently was at my Alma Mater – Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar for the AIESEC members and other students of various schools.

PDPU Blog writing workshop - 26-09-2017 - IMG_0538.JPG
Blog writing workshop at PDPU with AIESEC Volunteers and the students of all Schools.

I wore a nice cotton traditional Saree in the off-white color with golden borders and a coffee clothed earrings. The workshop focused on how to choose one’s subject, how to create a topic and how to write blog content. All the students wanted to know more about the technicalities on the blog writing.

I am sure my next blog is going to be on the same subject with colorful screenshots to substantiate my blog writing workshop at PDPU. Watch this space here for more info.



Snacks and my physical scalpels…

Snacks and my physical scalpels…




We Amdavadis are trained and groomed to seriously post-mortem the food while we are trained to eat the same, simultaneously. We tend to love and hate the same food we eat at the same time. Some of us share a great hate relationship with the same food we love, actually and even secretively!

No wonder, we are business class people who know to sell well, sometimes by hook or crook, too! However, not going deep into business strategies, I would like to bring my own food I love, Ops, My focus on the subject – Food! And I am right now in Manekchowk with my cuisine, ops! Sorry, My Cousin….While I write this blog, in my mind, of course.

AHA! What a taste!? I can just feel it on the tip of my long red tongue without blabbering.

The street baked barbeque is licked till the last drop of the pudina chutney and the last strand of the shape of the moon-onions by 12 am, no matter how many more barbeque nation opens up in City!

The next is the sweet; ‘rabdi’, that classy rajasthani dessert you cannot miss if you’re standing anywhere near the Barbeque stall of Manekchowk. This rabdi is known as the ‘Abu road’s Rabdi’. However, I have heard one, but never had it at Abu. So! I am mum on comparing it with anyone, but with Bheem Singh rabdi topped with kesar at Maninagar. The best things one can do is to buy a jalebi from nearby stalls set up in front of the closed shutters of the shop with the huge frying oil pans at the busy hour of 12 am and dip it in the rabdi to savor the best!

Both, Bheem Singh’s and Manek Chowk’s rabdis has two different tastes. One is fresh, sweeter kheer like and the other is frozen to ice cream consistency with much costlier jewels like Kesar strands floating to woe your gastronomically royal hungry self!

One more dish you cannot leave Manek Chowk without tasting is the ‘bauble sandwich’, yes, better call it a ‘Ghooghra Sandwich’, otherwise, these guys will let you go all hungry.

They will not understand the English synonym for their colloquial word ‘ghooghra’. Ghooghra means a delicate bauble in the anklet. There is a famous sweet with this name. This Sandwich will surely win your heart; it doesn’t matter from which corner of the world you have come to this food-E-space called Manek Chowk, where E is Einstein’s Energy. Never mind moving traffic and the honking cutting across market making it one such lively food market if you’re serious about having finest traditionally fusion-ed delicacies at this tripolar Market.

Yes! You have heard Bipolars, but this very amdavadi market has three shades. To read:

Click here:

No Subway has a knack of creating such a Sandwich that has three to four types of veggies cut into microns that charges the entire set of different electrons on your tongue, then why do we say, “My taste buds or tongue is all charged up or spiced up?”

This is exactly like the Food-E-quantum physics. The smallest possible amount of vegetables are cut into pieces and so quantized that a 1/4th of cabbage, a half of a bell pepper and a half of a full-sized onion and a dollop of cheese can be contained by a pair of 3.5 x 3.5 inches Sandwich bread heated, buttered, toasted and normalized by oven! There you go with green chutney and sauce.

Before you leave, do not forget to check out the Kulfi and have the smell of bhaji pav and spicy dosas with chaas or maybe two long crispy strands of hot piping famous fafdas! There is Chai to keep you less dizzy while you drive back homewards for a stomach full of happy sleep that follows, precisely!

And… if you are in the old city in the morning (say you hired a rickshaw and slept in there) and… you get super hungry for a snack variety, hunt for Polkholi, by name this cafe means two different things; ‘to let the cat out of the bag’ and ‘open the pol, or the community space – a narrow street’. Whatever, what’s in a name, though! It is the food that’s important, isn’t it?

There is a whole lot of amazing delicacies made with lot of hygiene care and love here. One such dish is the ‘Patra’ or the gram flour stuffed fried colocasia or arbi leaves! It is also called Patarveliya in the market. This popular dish is not made anywhere else out of the state, except in Maharashtra and some places in Rajasthan. It is simple yet yummy! Checkout the brochures and rooms of the Haveli and ask for the next treat, Agashiye, one of the best slow food restaurants. You will automatically come out of these narrow lanes!

Happy gowww, fooody!