Snacks and my physical scalpels…

Snacks and my physical scalpels…




We Amdavadis are trained and groomed to seriously post-mortem the food while we are trained to eat the same, simultaneously. We tend to love and hate the same food we eat at the same time. Some of us share a great hate relationship with the same food we love, actually and even secretively!

No wonder, we are business class people who know to sell well, sometimes by hook or crook, too! However, not going deep into business strategies, I would like to bring my own food I love, Ops, My focus on the subject – Food! And I am right now in Manekchowk with my cuisine, ops! Sorry, My Cousin….While I write this blog, in my mind, of course.

AHA! What a taste!? I can just feel it on the tip of my long red tongue without blabbering.

The street baked barbeque is licked till the last drop of the pudina chutney and the last strand of the shape of the moon-onions by 12 am, no matter how many more barbeque nation opens up in City!

The next is the sweet; ‘rabdi’, that classy rajasthani dessert you cannot miss if you’re standing anywhere near the Barbeque stall of Manekchowk. This rabdi is known as the ‘Abu road’s Rabdi’. However, I have heard one, but never had it at Abu. So! I am mum on comparing it with anyone, but with Bheem Singh rabdi topped with kesar at Maninagar. The best things one can do is to buy a jalebi from nearby stalls set up in front of the closed shutters of the shop with the huge frying oil pans at the busy hour of 12 am and dip it in the rabdi to savor the best!

Both, Bheem Singh’s and Manek Chowk’s rabdis has two different tastes. One is fresh, sweeter kheer like and the other is frozen to ice cream consistency with much costlier jewels like Kesar strands floating to woe your gastronomically royal hungry self!

One more dish you cannot leave Manek Chowk without tasting is the ‘bauble sandwich’, yes, better call it a ‘Ghooghra Sandwich’, otherwise, these guys will let you go all hungry.

They will not understand the English synonym for their colloquial word ‘ghooghra’. Ghooghra means a delicate bauble in the anklet. There is a famous sweet with this name. This Sandwich will surely win your heart; it doesn’t matter from which corner of the world you have come to this food-E-space called Manek Chowk, where E is Einstein’s Energy. Never mind moving traffic and the honking cutting across market making it one such lively food market if you’re serious about having finest traditionally fusion-ed delicacies at this tripolar Market.

Yes! You have heard Bipolars, but this very amdavadi market has three shades. To read:

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No Subway has a knack of creating such a Sandwich that has three to four types of veggies cut into microns that charges the entire set of different electrons on your tongue, then why do we say, “My taste buds or tongue is all charged up or spiced up?”

This is exactly like the Food-E-quantum physics. The smallest possible amount of vegetables are cut into pieces and so quantized that a 1/4th of cabbage, a half of a bell pepper and a half of a full-sized onion and a dollop of cheese can be contained by a pair of 3.5 x 3.5 inches Sandwich bread heated, buttered, toasted and normalized by oven! There you go with green chutney and sauce.

Before you leave, do not forget to check out the Kulfi and have the smell of bhaji pav and spicy dosas with chaas or maybe two long crispy strands of hot piping famous fafdas! There is Chai to keep you less dizzy while you drive back homewards for a stomach full of happy sleep that follows, precisely!

And… if you are in the old city in the morning (say you hired a rickshaw and slept in there) and… you get super hungry for a snack variety, hunt for Polkholi, by name this cafe means two different things; ‘to let the cat out of the bag’ and ‘open the pol, or the community space – a narrow street’. Whatever, what’s in a name, though! It is the food that’s important, isn’t it?

There is a whole lot of amazing delicacies made with lot of hygiene care and love here. One such dish is the ‘Patra’ or the gram flour stuffed fried colocasia or arbi leaves! It is also called Patarveliya in the market. This popular dish is not made anywhere else out of the state, except in Maharashtra and some places in Rajasthan. It is simple yet yummy! Checkout the brochures and rooms of the Haveli and ask for the next treat, Agashiye, one of the best slow food restaurants. You will automatically come out of these narrow lanes!

Happy gowww, fooody!